Pretty Fly for a White Girl

Flying It never gets old. The sailboats strewn across the Boston harbor Appear to be a symphony of seagulls. My brain feels like it’s floating in my head as we ascend. Up Down Left Right Steady now, we’ve reached 36,000 feet Traveling 500 miles per hour towards the West Coast. It’s always sunny above the clouds. Still the wind has a way of tossing our … Continue reading Pretty Fly for a White Girl


If necessity is the mother of invention then depravity is the mother of poetry. – Christie B. Quoted. I’m deprived of sleep. So here’s what my mind wants to write tonight: **disclaimer: swearing…happens when tired.** Today I smiled so fucking bright As if the world was my playspace, the day my delight. I met a hyper kid who was sleep deprived. Called him “sweetheart” for … Continue reading Sickness

Christie is a 30-something lovely lady who dislikes speaking of herself in third person, but really loves conjunctions and run on sentences. She has been described as snarky, awkward, and sometimes clever by those who have had the pleasure of her company. Yes, even awkward can be pleasurable. She is a dreamer, a one-time, self-published children’s book author, an intense thinker, a music lover, a … Continue reading