The Bartender

The technologist walks into a bar. The bartender is talking to three semi-dressed, young ladies drinking their lunch on their way to Country Fest. I love the scenario already. I’m primed to observe because without missing a beat, the bartender asks me if I need anything and that’s impressive for someone who already holds the attention of that particular audience. I ask him if he … Continue reading The Bartender

The Life and Death of 4 coma patients – 1,000 words

Ok, a week or so ago I was scrolling through my reader and saw JT Carlton’s COLOR BY WORDS SLEEPING BEAUTY challenge to write a story about a coma patient. The thing is…I work with them daily. The worst part, I work at a children’s hospital. These are four of my patients that particularly stuck out to me. I know their names, but obviously can’t share them … Continue reading The Life and Death of 4 coma patients – 1,000 words

Summer Now and Summer Then

I woke up to sunshine – it’s summer. I forgot to breathe all morning. Sometimes I remember the best thing about a first kiss – The day afterward when your heart feels the excitement as You relive the moment softly touching your lips. My god, if life was ever a ghost Or time a memory-stealing phantom, You, my first love came and went too quickly. … Continue reading Summer Now and Summer Then

Hollywood Vows: A Cynical Poem

But really, how many celebrities can announce their divorce in a week? Oh well…. Hollywood Vows I, Painfully Handsome, Take you, Stunningly Beautiful To be my lawful wife. Here before our closest friends, family, and millions of fans In the priciest, decidedly private and extravagant way I thee wed. I vow to stay by your side through casting calls, sponsored appearances, awards show season, Personal … Continue reading Hollywood Vows: A Cynical Poem