A prayer that turned my heart around 

Lord, I pray because I am so lost and blind. I pray that you will forgive me for urgently desiring your intervention, but for being so slow to praise you for who you are.

My love towards you is so insignificant compared to the love you deserve. You deserve to be sought whole-heartedly. 

Even if you were silent for 100 years, you would still deserve my thanks, my praise, and my complete devotion and adoration. 

To know you is my heart’s greatest desire, but my sinful nature tries to run far away from your grasp.

My restlessness away from you is a testimony that you, Jesus are the Prince of Peace.

My heart -an internal conscience-wired, finite, time-piece- tethered to my very life source is a testimony that you are Elohim – Loving Lord Creator!

Every time I think of how the stars are laid across the sky on a clear night, how everything you made outlasts us – the stars, the galaxies, mountains, seas – all of this changing beauty I see your testimony. 

Your great Emmanuel – God-is-with-us- moment spread across the earth and our universe. 

When people can make sense of His entire creation, not just earth, but the vast system of galaxies we have a front row seat to explore and discover – then and only then can we start to question the actions of God. Why has He chosen some to hurt, some to win, some to cry in joy, some to cry in pain? Why did he paint the sky at sunset, or give us changing seasons? 

Mercy is not earned, it is given. Thank you for reminding me that when I start a prayer with who YOU are I suddenly find myself with less worries to bring before your throne of grace. 

You are my God and because your Spirit spoke these words to my heart – I am freed from the desire to try and twist your arm to get what I want out of you. 

Thank you for creating all you did to give you praise.



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