This is a Dangerous Poem

As the society swells with protest, I’m offering a glimpse, a viewpoint, a perspective to add to the fight for equal liberties and justice for all. 

We are nasty women with battle scars

Inappropriately touched

By the patriarch 

Told to hide our imperfections

To silence our voice in many elections

Righteous anger 

Silenced too long

Only asking you see your hypocrisy!

Your system: 

lets rapists go free while 

Calling single mothers whores

Over dead fetuses you mourn

But don’t dare provide access to 

healthcare once they’re born

Moreover, you were fine sending our 

children to unjust wars.

Equal pay for equal work

Isn’t too much to ask!

Your cup running over pours into your flasks.

These life-affirming cups

Would justly be 

shared with your sisters in humanity

Can we broaden our viewpoint 

If we came from man’s side

Stop the ages of fems crawling,

And walking behind.

BESIDE you we stand

As equal in importance 

As functional partners

Intelligent contributors to our society

Mothers and sisters all under one King.


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