Crooked bookie

Wobbly hood

Or should we call him

Robbing Hood…

Steals from the poor to give to the rich

With a quickness of nitwit

And the stroke of his pen

The poor, the sick, the elderly,

the widows and children of war,

he condemns

The huddled masses for centuries

accepted to our land

The backbone of our country – diversity –

Now in adversity stands

Because rigorous vetting need more

rigorous be

With exceptions made in the places he’s

laid millions and billions of his personal


Line their pockets with gold

As the masses stand by

Befuddled, defeated, and un-unified

While each individual puts up their fight

For one or two very specific rights

The system that divides them

Sleeps richer

….and richer

……..and richer each night.
If United we stand then united we fight!
Prepare then to cross those battle lines,

Giving up on the endless need to be right,

Something more ominous looms just


Look at history’s lessons and

learn in its stead

United -united in unity

To challenge the system that invokes


And not just the kind filled with hunger

for food

Challenge the:

Poverty of conscience

Poverty of knowledge

Poverty of good


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