Parental Perspective 

Someday my house may be clean and organized and I won’t constantly be looking for things that I put back in their place because no little fingers will have picked them up from where I set them and placed them back somewhere completely illogical. 

I won’t be stepping over bits and pieces of papers, pencil shavings, and toy parts (legos), and when I buy something sweet for myself to eat, I won’t have to hide it from anyone. 

I’ll have half the laundry to do and probably less because my little people like to throw perfectly clean clothes on the floor when they change their minds about the outfit for the day. 

I won’t hear complaints of bland food or have to keep telling someone to sit still when they eat or to finish their plate.  

I won’t have to explain to anyone for the 5,000th time the hows, whens, and whys of every part of their day…
With that said,

I will look back on these days, see pictures, and remember only the sound of their carefree laughter.

I will miss them being small enough to hold in my arms (as I already do). I will miss them being young enough to still want to know what I think about the world or how I feel about a certain topic close to their hearts. 

I will forget the depths of my frustration over raising these eternal souls.

I will only remember their eyes looking to me with innocence – seeking to understand. 


2 thoughts on “Parental Perspective 

  1. When my second child was 9 I was already missing those baby snuggles and little kid moments. It led me to the crazy (but oh so worthwhile) adventure of adopting a third child. Now that my youngest is 11 and the older two are in their twenties I enjoy the friendship and comradery that comes with adult children. But there are still those moments when I look back to when they were small and miss it all.

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    1. I have enjoyed so much about parenthood! The less than pleasant memories never seem to stick thankfully, and with each year the relationships deepen and create an interesting and new dynamic for our family. I am hoping to have 1-2 more, it’s just a matter of logistics!


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