Sunny Sundays 

I woke up in love
On a sunny Sunday morning

Bird chirps

Dog snores

Hot tea nestled between my hands

Thumbs curved through the tea cup’s handle

Steam kissed face

Warm layers of

Stretchy pants and sweaters

My hair’s grown past my ears

Softly brushes my shoulders 

For the first time in years



Gave me my space

My peace

My rest

My sabbath

My time to feel His presence

Hear His word

Fellowship with my brothers and sisters

I woke up in love with today

Storms passed

Clouds cleared

Heart happy 

Banana pancakes happy

First kiss happy

Shooting star at sunrise happy

Spa day relaxation happy

Wild flowers and butterflies happy

Holding hands happy

Grinning with the teeth happy 

A long awaited visit happy 

Puppy invasion happy

I will let this sit

And simmer

And stew

For now,

I will just 


Because I know
This too shall pass.


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