Hunger like drunkenness

Causes a deficit that

fuels creativity

A life long craving

Each one strives to fill

Or to ignore.


Sleep hunger – insomnia

Food hunger – starvation

Love hunger – longing

Liquid hunger – thirst

God hunger – one who looks into a mirror then forgets his own face

Oh how I was meant to crave!

Crave what?

What fills me up.


Sleep Satiated – Full mind and body

Food satiated – Full stomach

Love satiated – Full heart

Liquid satiated – Fully hydrated

God satiated- Full of spirit, life, and most resembling myself

Hunger & Thirst.




All God-shaped

blank spaces


The loudest nothing

That you can not hide

Serving up a full platter of reactions.

My prayer like the Samaritan woman’s prayer:

Give me water that I should never have to drink from the well again.

God’s response –

Our daily bread:

The Living Water.






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