God hunger – one who looks into a mirror then forgets his own face Continue reading Crave


You’re Wrong

In lieu of the current state of affairs With Facebook opinions so generously shared I’m taking block that was mentally built From my childhood – I call it my “Catholic guilt” So whether you take a knee or you don’t, Wave the confederate flag or you won’t, Whether you speak it, or write it, or sing us a song Whether you’re wrong or you’re right … Continue reading You’re Wrong

The Old Abandoned Churches of New England

I see a church whose fiery fathers Lit the hearts of their congregation A space once filled with huddled Zealous hearts Masses Desperate For their Savior Week after Life-giving Week He was preached ……………………………………………………… Somewhere the lines were twisted Point of views in time and life Were shifted When traditions and those who held them Started dying Softened truths crept into hearts Fake prophesies, Lost prophets, … Continue reading The Old Abandoned Churches of New England


  Calm   Inhale the clouds Exhale the dust Count the stars on the back of your eyelids Calm Trace the outlines of your memories Dance among those precious, Vague shapes Smile Stretch and move your flexible spine Strong Remember the time You stood up in fear and trembling Armed with audacious Hope Put your hand on your hip – Still carrying the arrows you … Continue reading Calm

The Girl Who Blocked Her Own Shot

I want you to know That every time I face a blank page with a  half-formed idea that I have to FORCE  myself to pick the words that bring life  Above  the words that burn bridges, Express bitterness Or allow anger biased by hurt to freely  flow. I chose a life of words that heal And I have to keep making that choice  through every … Continue reading The Girl Who Blocked Her Own Shot