The Girl Who Blocked Her Own Shot

I want you to know That every time I face a blank page with a  half-formed idea that I have to FORCE  myself to pick the words that bring life  Above  the words that burn bridges, Express bitterness Or allow anger biased by hurt to freely  flow. I chose a life of words that heal And I have to keep making that choice  through every … Continue reading The Girl Who Blocked Her Own Shot

Who wants to open a box when they already know what’s inside?

Gentle words Coarse face Broken heavy heart she carries Place to place  On her way to a distant land Her helper takes the burden up Sore knees Red knuckles  Bruised ego  She places at the alter of her psyche Every way she’s tried to fit their mold Impossibly impossible Their small minds conceived ill-shaped Spaces to banish her from the word  “Normal” Never was it … Continue reading Who wants to open a box when they already know what’s inside?

This is a Dangerous Poem

As the society swells with protest, I’m offering a glimpse, a viewpoint, a perspective to add to the fight for equal liberties and justice for all.  FEM We are nasty women with battle scars Inappropriately touched By the patriarch  Told to hide our imperfections To silence our voice in many elections Righteous anger  Silenced too long Only asking you see your hypocrisy! Your system:  lets … Continue reading This is a Dangerous Poem

The Night is Mortal

The mortal night Its darkness dies Giving way to morning’s Lavender skies The darkest blanket Heavy lay  on half the world Absent of day The night is mortal  My theory states The stars this theory validates Those bright lights Of interruption Those foes the pitch can’t overcome The starry skies Those friends of flight  Defeat the ever mortal night The mortal night may hide your … Continue reading The Night is Mortal