Don’t Romance me Motherhood

Breaking the scene Back to myself The character I play – devoted mother. A romance: Act 1 Newborn bliss – a baby after a bath, their perfect tummy and squishable body. Cut scene to pictures of me in a bathtub with a glass of wine- pretending to feel guilty for indulging in “me” time. Back to real life, bodily-fluid-stained clothes, messy buns, and pajamas I … Continue reading Don’t Romance me Motherhood

Finding Contentment by Loving what I Already Have

One of the reasons I needed this year to be focused on contentment is my love of things. This is a different type of relationship to focus on because many of us do love some of our material possessions, but I only love what I have until it is done serving me. This love of mine for my possessions is fickle and abusive. That scarf I absolutely had … Continue reading Finding Contentment by Loving what I Already Have

You’re Wrong

In lieu of the current state of affairs With Facebook opinions so generously shared I’m taking block that was mentally built From my childhood – I call it my “Catholic guilt” So whether you take a knee or you don’t, Wave the confederate flag or you won’t, Whether you speak it, or write it, or sing us a song Whether you’re wrong or you’re right … Continue reading You’re Wrong